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Work From Home : Better or Bad?

"WFH : Work From Home", the term; used to be only familiar to IT people before 2020. Now thanks to this pandemic crisis, this term is now a part of common people as well.


Work From Home was just a part of policy and a facility provided to the ITians as a part of their job to work from home if they couldn't come to office due to some difficulties. But 2020 has changed the definition of work from home. Lock down due to Corona has forced many companies to change their way of work in the future : the New Normal which has home as a new workplace called as home.

But everything comes at a cost; Work from Home too. Lets check out whether WFH is a better option or bad for you?


Work Place Choice :

Many People dislike their office work place. there can be multiple reasons to it like: Open cubicle, restricted place to keep stuffs, enclosed room, constant watch of Boss, etc. With the WFH, you have your choice of choosing the work place of your own. It can be a well maintained separate off space in home, Garden, Kitchen, Terrace even Cafe's and many places like this. This helps to refresh the mind and work with Focus.

Free from Office Attires :

Work from Home gives you flexibility to work with anything you are comfortable with. No one looks at you or what you have wear and comment on it. 

But for those who have to attend video calls with clients and their team, they have to appear in the Office Attires over the call.

Time is Money:

Many of us spend almost half of our  working time in To and Fro travel to office. With work from home, this commute time is saved and can be utilized productively for mediation, Exercise, Reading, etc or you can add extra time to your rest.

Also, this saves the money we spend on commute to office and can be saved for emergency purpose when in need. Being working from home, the time spent to walk towards Loo is saved as its few steps away from your workplace.

  In this way, you can productively save your time and money.

Work/Life Balance:

Work from Office has somewhere disturbed our time spend with family; Less family time and more work time. Only weekends to spend and most of that time also goes in shopping or a good sleep

      With wfh facility, we get more time to spend with family. Plus, you can take care of your family members by working from home. Also,it provides flexible time to work for few of employees .

    There are other ways too where  Work From Home can be better for us. Now lets lookout why it is bad for us. 


Absence of Chai Sutta Breaks :

Breaks acts a stress buster for many of us. Enjoying a cup of tea or smoke with colleagues, some gossips in between, helps us to refresh and re-energize our mind.

With work from home, these breaks don't exist anymore though company encourages the employees to take their breaks as usual. but the wfh environment lets you feel the absence of these breaks. Plus, we get the coffee at our desk when we are with our family.

Any Time Login :

Though we have option to work with flexible time while working from home, we don't know when we have to login again after ending work for the day; that fear always resides in our mind.

      Also, when we are working from home we need to login as and when our senior/Manager ask us to, if needed after office hours as well. And we cant deny also sometimes, look out the pandemic situation we are going through. A suitable example for this : since most of are in lock down and working from home; if manager asks us to work after work hours and we deny, he will come up with saying that "where are you going in this lock down, you are at home only i know you can do. " and we cannot because some of us may be in fear that if we reject, we can loose our job;who is going to give us job if we loose the one we have in hand.

Distractions :

Sometimes you are on a video call with your client/team and someone comes to your work place and disturbs you and you get distracted from your work. This happens with most of us.

Potential distractions are every where when you work from home. This sometimes affects our productivity indirectly.

These were some of the ways work form home can be bad.

Work from home has its pros and cons are depending on the no. of factors. Here are few of the ways you can make your Work From Home productive :

  • Designating a specific workspace for your work.

  • Instruct everyone in the house not to disturb during office work hours unless an emergency.

  • Time management is must. You should take proper breaks, and work during office hours only unless an emergency need.

  • Establish good communication between teammates during office hours to be productive.

Also in future, its going to be a hybrid work environment as per few IT companies, you can read out the related article here: New Normal

-- Anand Nagada

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