• Anand Nagda

The Goa Meet | Room No. 308

So Aarav and his friends wake up the next morning when the bus stopped near the Panaji Bus Stand. They were waiting for the bus towards Madgaon to reach the resort.

Meanwhile till the bus comes, they all decided to have some light breakfast and put up their phones on charged in the restaurant. After an hour, other people gather on the bus stand and they all boarded the bus.

Aarav was eager to meet his new friend Shivani. He pinged her after boarding the bus.

He was expecting her reply but to his disappointed she did not. Aarav kept her phone in the bag and was enjoying the streets, smelling the goan air.

The resort was built like the shape of ship. We were welcomed by the beautiful greenery and the hustle bustle of other youngsters from the other places. Aarav's eyes were searching for Shivani but couldn't locate. After waiting between the crowd in the queue of keys, finally he got the keys of this room 308. Kiran was his roommate who was from pune only but came with another group. As soon as they open the door, they kept their bags aside and pushed themselves onto beds.

"Someone there? " Aarav heard the sudden noise of someone knocking their door.

he slowly opened his eyes and woke up to open the door.

"Guys, get ready; its lunch time. After that, we have events back to back. Aarav nodded with head and closed the door again. He looked towards mobile screen and can see it was 2 pm. He made Kiran to wake up and he went to get a shower and grab some food in the stomach.

Aarav met few known faces while having the food. And after a heavy lunch and a tea time, the events started. After formal inaugration and inaugral speeches, the events kick started.

He was checking out if he could locate Shivani, and from the far he could see her. Aarav was trying to pretend as he couldn't locate her. Shivani grabs the seat near to Aarav and surprises him. Hi-hellos get exchanged and they enjoyed the event. They had good conversation.

The day was called off. Aarav was resting on the bed. He was memorizing the conversation he had with her. He was going through the lovely eyes of Shivani. He was re-enacting the conversation in the mind. And the same way he slept in her memory.

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