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That Selfless Kind-Hearted Boy | The Conclusion

There was a pin drop silent for few minutes.

Tears were rolling but not appearing in front of her. Varun was crying from inside.

“I still love you Varun & I will always love you like Radha. You are my Krishna forever. That special song, your phone full of our captured memories, the  moments we spent together  will always be forever with me.

Varun, Promise me one thing,

Wherever I am in the corner of the world, Whenever at any point in life I need you, you will always be there for me. Promise me Varun. ”

                      Her words made him cry in front of her, hurt him; but at the same time reintroduced him to reality. Whatever you desire to be yours in life; not by force but by heart are not always be achieved. Some had to let go for the betterment.  This was the time for Varun to be strong, accept the reality & believe that it was not his cup of tea. It was not his luck this time. Something more adventurous, full of excitement and the more special journey is waiting for him.

  With the tears hiding in eyes, Pain in the heart, showing strong enough from outside but broken inside; he  said to her,

  “I promise Vaidehi,

I will be forever with you, know matter wherever you are, Whenever you need me, I will always be there for you; till my last breath and beyond that.”

She gave a sweet smile, pulled him towards her. Hugged him tightly and kissed. A kiss that lasted for few minutes but forever with him and she said him Goodbye.

“ That last kiss is forever with me, forever mine. ” --Varun

“Marriage is not the ultimate destination to love,

Love is more beyond that...

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