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That Selfless Kind-Hearted Boy | Part 6

She was waiting for Varun. His heartbeat was increasing with every step he climbed to the terrace to meet her. Soon he reached and saw Vaidehi, seating alongside the beautiful rose plant.

“Hi Varun, come sit here near me.”


I know its very bad luck of mine that I couldn’t understand your love when you kept proposing me again & again. And me, like a coward, refused you, every time fearing what my parents will think, they will not accept this inter cast proposal.

  You made me believe in myself, you believed in me & tried to make me self-confident, Self-Dependent. I tried many a times to face my parents; especially my papa.  But that fear always crossed me. I was on such a point either I have to listen to my heart & be with you


               I had to bow down my knee to my dreams & follow what my parents said: to marry the guy, my parents choose for me.  I had to force myself to sacrifice my dreams & look for my parents' happiness, no matter what I am or I will be happy in future in this relationship.

Then I realized how coward I am; I realize your true value of love. I regret why didn’t I choose to follow my dream, to be with you.

But you know,

    Everyone knows how Radha & Krishna were in deep love with each other. But, they never got knotted into the bond of marriage. But the love of Radha & Krishna was eternal on each other to such extent that today also everyone considers them as a pair and not separately: Radha-Krishna.

         This is what true love is, which is between us.

Marriage is not the ultimate result or destination of love, it's more beyond that.

Story not yet over..

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