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That Selfless Kind-Hearted boy | Part 5

Finally, the day came. Just a few hours to go. She had started from her hometown by railway. Varun called her up and enquired by what time she will reach. Meanwhile, he enjoyed the wedding rasams & clicking pictures. It was late. She should have been there by now.  He called her up.

“Hi, Vaidehi.Where are you?”

“Hi Varun, I reached the station. I forgot to call you after reaching.

Actually, Rihaan came to give me a surprise at the station. So we will be there in a while.

Catch you later.” And she disconnected the call.

    It was a shock for him. Rihaan was her fiancé. He was a cute, handsome and well-settled man. Elder than Vaidehi by few years & good in nature. He didn’t know anything about Varun's & Vaidehi’s love. Just he knew that they both were good friends and nothing.

Varun was in the middle of something when he heard a voice from the back.

“Varun. Here !”

He turned back and there they both were ! to be husband and wife in near future:  “Vaihaan=Vaidehi and Rihaan”

“Hi, Vaidehi.”

“Hi, Varun. This is Rihaan, my fiancé.

Rihaan, this is Varun my very good friend.”

“Hi, Rihaan.” he greeted Rihaan.

“Hi, Varun. Great to meet you. I have heard much more about you from Vaidehi.”

“Oh, great.”

Varun and Rihaan joined on gossips together while Vaidehi went to meet Bhavana.

Varun was just waiting for some time to spend with Vaidehi and get to know for what he had actually come.

His wish came to true. Rihaan had some other work and he needed to leave soon. He went leaving Vaidehi there.

And soon Vaidehi took no time to call up Varun.

“Varun, please come up over the terrace.”

“Coming” and he left without getting noticed.

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