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That Selfless Kind-Hearted boy | Part 4

Bhavana’s sister Aishu came to receive me at the station. Arriving at her home,  Varun met her parents and family members. Got freshen up & had Breakfast.

“Hi, Varun.”

“Hi, Bhavana.”

“Busy?” “No”  Varun replied.

“Let's go for a short walk then.” Bhavana putting on her sandals replied.

“Sure.”   Varun too grabbed the sneakers and went on the walk with her.

“Varun; I know you are hurt by vaidehi’s news. I know you well. I know you are still in deep love with her. You are still not able to digest the news.” She caught him at the exact point.

“Let me tell you the truth Varun. During our college times, she was never serious about you. We knew you were serious. We even tried to make her understand to stop playing with your heart and tell the truth but; she never listened to us. I don’t know what was there between both of you after college, but I & pooja always used to worry about you.  Vaidehi called me up yesterday and told me that she is coming to attend my wedding.

I know your motive behind attending my wedding: to meet her for the one last time.

            Varun, you are a very innocent boy. You never care about yourself but you always have been looking out how to keep others happy. You are a Selfless Kind-hearted Boy.”

  “Thanks, Bhavana. Yeah, you are absolutely true in your words. ” This was what he could reply thinking about whatever she told was true or not. Meanwhile, their walked came to the finishing point.

Varun was now waiting for the tomorrow. When the day of marriage will come and when he can meet Vaidehi.


We asked our partner, how much do you love me?

You get multiple answers, many hopes, and expectations.

But most of the times, these all hopes and expectations

Are merely false. They are just meant for the

Temporary purpose till they need you. Once done,

Everything collapse, You & your heart.

Your feelings & Emotions.

But Truelove, Is Selfless,

No expectations, No hopes.

Just each others' happiness.

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