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That Selfless Kind-Hearted Boy | Part 3

“ Hello Amit Sir, Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon Varun. Yes, tell me.”

Sir, I need 2 days leave on coming Friday & Saturday:29th and 30th. Need to go *to* cousin’s marriage.”

He was on Notice period and he knew it was not easy enough to get leaves while being on notice period. But it was needed for him. It was a must to know the reason. His manager; kind enough replied,

“Ok Varun, Please apply *for* leaves on the portal.”

“Thank you, sir. Have a great day ahead” Varun replied and the next moment after disconnecting the call, he gave a call to Bhavna.

“Hi, Bhavna.

Hi Varun. You are coming to my marriage na?”

“Yes, I am. For that only I called you. I will be coming up on 29th morning.”

“Awesome. See u then on 29th morning. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Bhavna.”

It was just 1 day to go. More than attending Bhavna’s wedding, he was eager to know the reason. His curiosity was increasing every moment he went into that thought.

He had reserved his seat in sleeper class of Passenger train through online reservation. Even though the doors and windows of the train coach were packed up. It was very cold inside freezing like kulfi. But this was nothing for him in front of Vaidehi’s Engagement. He was awake whole night. Thinking about why she did this? Why me only?

The sun was up. It was early morning past 6 and train arrived at the destination station.

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