• Anand Nagda

That Selfless Kind-Hearted boy | Part 2

This news hurt him the most. When he got to know this, he was traveling back to his flat.

He felt very broken, scattered. He had made himself with much courage and patience to fall in love again;

         After his first love betrayed him. He had, kept himself locked for an entire week after his first love ditched him. He was broken, scattered like the pieces of broken glass. He needed someone to be there with him at that moment to handle him. But bad luck! Even tears were continuously flooding from his eyes.

He replied to her Whatsapp status greeting her best luck for her future. As soon as he replied, she saw the message and next moment he got the call from her.

“Hi, Varun..” before he could say anything in reply, she started to speak;

“I know you are hurt by this news, but give me a chance to explain my situation at least.”

“No need of explanation dear. I am happy for you, ” he replied with deep pain buried in his heart.

“I am coming to Bhavna’s marriage. Just to meet you.

Wanna explain everything to you. You are coming na? Don’t say No, Please for me.”

Yes, I am coming to her marriage Vaidehi. As soon as he said yes, a big smile appeared on her face.

“Ok, eager to meet you Varun. Also, I have something to give you.”

“I too have something to give you. He replied.

He had made a very pretty bracelet for her having metallic letters of her name engrossed with diamonds on them. Of course, they were not the real one diamonds. But yes he wanted to earn this precious diamond: Vaidehi forever for life.

She kept the phone, ending the conversation by saying “ I Love you Varun”.

He cried. He was eager to know the reason, the situation behind it. He started packing his bags again.

Soon he came back from the home & he called up his manager immediately…

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