• Anand Nagda

That Selfless kind hearted boy | P1

He was an innocent and selfless boy..

Always ready to help anyone,

anywhere & anytime.

He used to spend less time with family

and more time with his friends.

He never left a single moment to

say 'NO' whenever his friends demanded,

He spent more on them; time and money as well than on his family;

Just to get some love and time

be there with him, when in need.

He used to attend almost every

Friend's wedding,

being with their family

And be their helping hand.

He used to get called by several names in

weddings he used to attend;

irrespective of knowing who he was,

Someone use to say kind-hearted man,

Some one used to say bhaiya,

Someone even used to call him servant but;

He never cared of it,

He used to feel lowered sometimes,

But he never showed it up to any body.


Whenever he needed his friends most,

On call or in person

They never showed up..

He was in love with someone

Who was coincidentally his classmate in college.

He had proposed her,

She rejected many times but,

When she got engaged,

The life turned around for both....

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