• Anand Nagda

StreetsofPune : Ganesha Festival

Pune is the capital city of Ganesha Festival. Fighter Gangadhar Tilak laid the stone of this festival with motive of communal harmony and bind the people together.

Every year in Pune, the Ganesha Festival is celebrated with full joy and happiness. Here, I present you few of the moments i got to captured during my walk on the #StreetsofPune .

The bridges along the municipal corporation of pune which is also the central bus stand for city bus is always crowded and gets much more when its ganesha festival. .

The Newly constructed bridge between Kumbharwada & Municipal corporation is being acting a major role in controlling the traffic..

Any festival seems to be incomplete if no fair, street vendors, Toy sellers, food stalls are not their. Kids love to watch this and forces there parents till they don't get what they want.

Decorations are the most attractive things in the festivals. The lightnings, pandals catches your attraction if best viewed in night. I was unable to captured this in the night view but tried to manage some clicks..

It's very worth watching the expression of the kids during the festivals. Their faces are lit up with happiness and this is what makes their parents smile. I managed to capture some innocent faces during my walk on the #StreetsofPune.

Festival is of Ganesha and if i don't capture some amazing idols of Shree Ganesha, this photoblog will be incomplete.

I managed to capture some more clicks which has something to say to common people.

A dog waiting for the signal to get clear. If they can follow the traffic rules, then why can't we?

No Matter what work you do; do it with full respect.

Selfie with Friends.

If you liked my first Photoblog., do share your views and what you will like to see in the next Photoblog.