• Anand Nagda

Seat No.8 | the girl next to me | Part 2

It was a side window seat. I always prefer a side window seat. I don’t know but, it gives me energy & inspiration to think beyond my limit, to write, to express, to pen down my feelings on a piece of paper.

Soon the train reached the Dadar station. The empty seats started getting occupied. I was looking outside the window, the hustle-bustle over the platform when, a young girl dresses in light green top & blue jeans with a traveler sat over the other corner of my seat.

1st I thought she has reservation on the upper seat above my berth; but soon came to know she was traveling with a general class ticket in a sleeper class when TT came to check tickets. This wrong practice is followed by most of passengers travelling from Mumbai to Pune & vice versa.

The train started and as usual, I took my book out of the bag to continue reading.

“Excuse me, which station is this?”, that pretty girl seating next to me asked while talking over the mobile.

“Its Karjat station.” I replied. I was getting curious to know her, to talk to her.

The train started its journey ahead.

Soon I got distracted when she asked me “hey, can you tell me about the book you are reading? It seems to be an interesting one from its cover page.”

“50 great shorts stories that compiles stories by famous authors like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare & many more.” Finally, I got the chance to interact with her.

“Oh great. I am too fond of reading books, specially stories. Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare is my favorite one.” She continued.

“Oh, that’s pretty cool. I haven’t read any of his book but in future, I will surely read. My favorite one is A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens.” and I continued further.

“Nice. Are you going to Pune?” she asked.

“No, actually I work in Pune only but right now; I am going to Bangalore for some work. And you?” I also questioned her.

Making herself comfortable on the seat, she continued.

“I am going to Pune for my job.”

Curiosity started to increase in me, and I asked her.

“If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, please go ahead.” She replied with a smile.

What do you do?

“Actually, I just completed my 2nd year of B com. & currently I am in 3rd year. Along with it, I am doing a part time job with an Event management company where a team of 12-15 young boys & girls works under my supervision to manage social & corporate events. But I want to become an Air Hostess. So, I do the part time job to manage all my expense and save for my future studies to become an air hostess.”

“Oh, that’s pretty cool. But what do you mean by all the expenses?” and the question was like a rapid fire for her from my end.

The silence took over our talk for few minutes.

“Actually, I don’t live with my mom and dad.” She replied with disappointment.




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