• Anand Nagda

Seat no 8 | Part 3 | End of the Journey

“I live with my friends in a rented apartment & I manage my expenses, mandatory needs by the part time job I do at the event company.” May I asked you why? I was getting curious to know the reason behind this. “My parents” got divorced few years ago. I don’t want to live with either one of them so, I decided to live my life my own way, with my own rules” & she smiled. That’s a very brave decision at a very young age. So, do you have any boyfriend? This was the question I took the chance to ask during our conversation. Yes, I do have a boyfriend who supports me a lot. He is a mechanical engineer passed out before 2 years. He used to work as a salesman in a tractor company but, he left it after 3months of joining because he lost his interest from this job. Currently he is relaxing at home in hunt of new job. By the way, are you an engineer? She asked. Yes, I am. Can you please do me a favor? She humbly asked me. Can you please refer my boyfriend to any of mechanical companies you are aware of? Ok. Please share me his CV. And soon she shared me over my mail. Thank you so much Mr. ...? Avnit, my name. Thank you Avnit. Welcome Kalyani! “You are a very brave girl I must say. Taking such a big decision to be independent at a very young age of 20 is not so easy. Now I can say, women are not anymore dependent on anyone. They know how to live their life with their own set of rules, being self-dependent.” And an example of this is seating in front of me.” She gave a proud smile after hearing my words. In just few minutes, her destination arrived – Pune. “It was a nice talk with you Avnit” & she left saying this with a satisfactory smile on her face. The journey with such an inspiring girl ended & I continued towards my destination! She indeed taught me one thing, “Maturity is not when you grow up by the age. Maturity is when you grow up by the mind” #seatno8 #Lastpart #Part3 #shortstories


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