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Seat No. 8 | Catching the Train | Part 1

A girl next seating to me on the same seat as I am : seat no 8. On the way from Mumbai to Pune, as a co-passenger, the gossips leads to know how she became a strong young girl at the early age of 20.The story narrates the conversation happened along the journey of Mumbai to Pune between us.

The train was late by half an hour than the usual time. Finally it reached Kalyan station and I got down from the train.

I was very tired as it was so cold even after closing the windows and gates of the coach of Bhusawal-Pune Express that I was traveling in, I was unable to sleep the whole night.

I ringed my younger brother after reaching the station.

“ Hello, Harshu!”


“I have reached Kalyan. Get out of the bed and get ready.”

“Yes, I will be there by 9.30 am.”

We both had decided to meet at CSMT station. Mummy had given some home made snacks and sweets for him like dry fruit ladoos, gajar ka halwa and many more.

I took the First class local train ticket to CSMT and boarded the coach. The first class Coach was as crowded as Second class due to rushing morning hours.

After the standing for 30 minutes in a full packed coach, I finally got a seat.

I was listening to songs plugging the earphones, when Harshu called me and said he had already reached the station.

It would take another 10 minutes to reach. As soon as I reached, we both headed to have lunch in a nearby restaurant to the station. It was 11am by the time.

We didn’t notice while having lunch that it was already 11.45 am and my next train was at 12.10 pm.

We hurried to finish our lunch and rushed towards platform No. 14, where the train

16339- Nagercoil Express was already waiting for the passengers.

Thank God! We could search the Coach S6 and I got my seat, No. 8!

We started our journey, Nagercoil and I, towards Bengaluru.

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