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Room no 308 | The WhatsApp Notification (Cont..)

Hey good morning, Mr. Traveller ! Very good morning Ms. Spy. What's up? Nothing much, was surfing on the internet. Can I ask you one thing if you don’t mind? Yes, please. What do you work? As in what is your profession, Mr. Traveller ? I work as an engineer in an IT company, Pune. What about you Ms. Spy? I am a freelancer, Makeup artist and hairstylist. Also, I do make chocolates. I worked as an back office employee for insurance company. Oh, Nice yaar Shivani ! You recently shifted to pune Aarav? No dear, I am living here since last few years. Where do you live? I am from Nellore. You have been to Pune Shivani? I came to Pune 5 years back for the ambassador exchange program. Their only I met lavina. Great Shivani. I am basically from Solapur but currently living in Pune for work. You are from Solapur ? One of my masi stays in Solapur . Great yaar. So you visited Solapur any time? Yes, when I was a kiddo :P Got to go Aarav, need to make lunch. Do you like Gajar Halwa Shivani? Yes , a lot ! Why you asked? Because I am making it now :) You know cooking? Really? Yes Shivani, living a bachelor life teaches you many things to do on your own, including cooking. Besides, I like cooking. Great yaar Aarav, see you later. Have a good day ahead, it was nice talking to you ! Ya, See you too. Same here ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Done with packing , Ms. Spy? Now in train Mr. traveller towards Madgaon. You boarded the bus? Not Yet, it's at 9 PM. [ Aarav gets busy in searching for cab towards the bus stand and forgets to ping Shivani. After some time, Shivani pings her again.] Where you reached Aarav? In the bus. What about you Shivani? Reached Mangalore yet. Traveling alone ha? No no, we are a group of 7 persons. What about you Shivani ? Same here ! Happy Journey Aarav, eager to meet you tomorrow Mr. traveller :) Happy Journey to you also Ms. Spy, see you soon ! [ and they continue their journey towards Goa. Both were excited to meet each other. They didn’t knew how there life was going to change after meeting each other ! ] #StoriesByAnand #Roomno308


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