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Room no 308 | The WhatsApp Notification

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

{Aarav, a techie by profession; was planning the route for his 15 days long vacation. He was going to attend an event in Goa. Suddenly he gets a pop up of WhatsApp notification. It was an unknown number. He checks out who that person is… }

"Hi Aarav, Shivani here"

"Hello Shivani'

How are you Aarav?

I am good. What about you ? Do we know each other?

I am good too. Actually Lavina told me about you.

Ya , I remembered she told me about you. So coming to the event?

Yes I am ! what about you Aarav, coming?

Yeah, I am also coming.

Oh that's nice. When you will be reaching dear?

10th Morning by bus . And you Shivani?

Same, 10th morning by train. BTW, for how much days you will be extending?

I have a vacation till 25th. So I can stay till then or will go to explore some new place.

What about you, you also extending Shivani?

No, I will be going back by 14th itself. I got to know that you keep exploring places.

how you got to know that I like to explore ?

You put up in the event group na that you are going to himachal after the event ends !

Oh yeah ! I forgot 🤦‍♂️

And you even posted some pictures from your recent trip while traveling back form Kolkata.

Yeah !

So, when you will be going back to Pune? Sorry for asking this.

Its ok. Not sure as of now. May I know why you asked?

Actually I came to know you and Lavina are good friends.

Yes yes, we are good friends.

I had some parcel to give her and from her I came to know you are coming to the event

So thought to ask you if you would be okay to carry it with you?

So you were spying on me ha ?

No way .😂

So bag packing done Mr. traveller?

No, Ms Spy. What about you? 🤪

No mood to pack now .

No mood really? 😱

Means, I am busy whole the day. At the end of the day, I'm tired and go to bed. So will pack

Day before traveling.

Ok. Joining for dinner? Roti and Mix veg.

Coming. Btw, here its Mysore Masala Dosa.

Good then Ms Spy, I will need to go; have some work.

OK, see you afterwards Mr traveller.

And Aarav gets busy with his official work. It seems he was having a new friend who was unknown person

Before sometime. His journey before starting

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