• Anand Nagda

Its Never too Late..

It was year 2013, when i started my blog with name InspiringDiaries on google blogging website during my college days. I wrote few blogs in following days. But over the time, my attention towards blogging degraded day by day and i lost control over it.

It was year 2017, when i got hand over my capability of writing qoutes and short stories; Thanks to amazing family of @YourQuote, who motivated and helped me to explore my writing skills. I started using YQ app and i discover a new skill of writing in me.

I wrote few stories in 2018 which was appreciated by my friends and they motivated me to go further with short stories. I started writing stories taking a long gap to write them. the year came to end and a new beginning with 2019 was to start.I took a resolution to write atleast 19 short stories this year; not to become fame, but to explore my writing skills to a next level which will also help me with my grammar skills and i went ahead with it.

I started sharing my stories to my friends and groups over Whatsapp and Instagram. Mixed feedback received, parting mostly towards positive one. This gave me a trigger to start why not to start a blog with this short stories? The stories, that relates to common life, experiences and feeling of people.

This gave me boost to start my own blog : TheInspiringSoul. This is my first post and will be updating shortly stories by me.

Hang on! Not only stories, but some exciting articles too on the way.

So stay tuned to my blog.

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