• Anand Nagda

Flat No E1302 | The hunt for Perfect place ends | P5

A cool breeze of air touched my face as soon as I opened the balcony door.

Balcony was adjacent to the hall. The hall was spacious enough to have a small party. It had 2 big sofas, a dinning table and 56 inch LCD.

I first kept my luggage in my room and cleaned my room as well as the hall and kitchen which was a welcome home to dirt and diseases.

I was literally dressed with dust and dirt after cleaning. A shower was must needed followed by some rest.

I unpacked and arranged my stuffs in my cupboard and went for bath followed by some rest.

It was the time for sun to set when my eyes opened in evening after a good sleep. I washed my face and made a cup of sizzling hot coffee. I was standing in the balcony with my cup of coffee watching the surrounding view.

Straight from the balcony I could see the mountains which were full lushed with greenery. There was a small temple at the corner base of mountain and a route alongside leading to a village visible through my balcony.

This amazing nature's gift was slowly taking its place in my heart.....

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