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Flat no E1302 | Arriving Back | P4

With a heavy heart and loads of memories, I finally bid adieu to Bangalore : the city, which transformed me completely.

I always Prefer train journeys, as something magical is experienced along the way.

But due to unavailability of tickets, i had to travel by bus as i had huge amount of luggage with me.

I always preferred Airavat over other travels. It's a semi-sleeper AC bus belonging to KSRTC which takes approx 14/15 hours to reach Pune less than by traveling through train.

With 12 bags and a DSLR, I boarded the bus at 1 pm.

Throughout the journey, I rejoiced every moment i spent in 1year 3months in Bangalore : Coming as a newbie to this city and being nurtured in its lap.  Soon the 14hrs went by and i didn't noticed.

I arrived at the bus stand waiting for the cab.  The cab came and on my way to society, I called Roopan Sir who was one of my flatmates. The feeling of coming back to the city where I started my journey, was out of the world. I was excited to see the huge society I was going to live in.

            I was at the society gate and called up Roopan Sir again. It took almost 1hour to complete the formalities, Thanks to the security of Sangria/Mystic. After completing all the formalities, I finally arrived at the building : E Sangria, a tall building of 21 floors with 3 lifts.

              Roopan sir escorted me from the building reception to the flat. The lift stopped at 13th floor and to the left was our flat 1302. The feeling of excitement was running throughout the body.

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