• Anand Nagda

Flat no. 1302 | The First Step towards Future | Part 1

Avnit has been working in Bangalore and missing Pune much. He has decided to move on to Pune back. He gets the opportunity when a team has to be set up for his company's Pune location and he grabs that opportunity.

                             He starts to search for the flat with the perfect preferences he was looking for; as he was fed up of being in the PGs anymore. Watch out what happens when he goes along this time....

“So you want to move back to Pune, right?” "Yes Sumit." “Avnit , you have grown up amazingly well, with our Bangalore team in past one and half year & you are performing well than others. Then why do you want to move back to Pune again?” "You said right Sumit, I have grown up & I have learnt much more here, than when I was in Pune team. Bangalore has given me a new life, a kick to follow my passion of photography again, uplifted my writing skills & gifted me some new friends. “Then why do you want to move back?” "Sumit, everyone has some priorities in life. I too, have. Agreed that our Bangalore team, has taught me much more to uplift my technical skills to next level. I have taken this decision keeping my priorities and my future in consideration.  Frankly speaking, I have started disliking Bangalore whenever I think of settling up here. For me it is a city of traffic, the expenses in this metropolitan city, increase at an alarming rate & on top of that, the city is getting transformed into a concrete jungle day by day.                     

Talking about my priorities, my first priority is my family. You know, since I shifted to Bangalore I could just visit my family once, due to the distance between Bangalore and my hometown. Being elder among st me and my brother, I have to look after my family. The second thing, I believe, I will not able to make up to adapt myself to Bangalore environment in future. Hence, I have decided to settle down in Pune." “True, family must be the 1st priority always for everyone. They sacrifice many things, multiple times to make us to stand on our feet and to be at the position where we are today. Ok then coming back to your shifting to Pune, we are planning to build a backup team in Pune & we were thinking to send someone from our team to Pune to build up the team. Since, you have shown your interest to move back to Pune, I will have a word with our director and will suggest your name for the same.

But from my end, I know you have a good experience of our work and you have already worked previously with our Pune team. It would be an advantage for us to send you, to build the new team and I will definitely prefer you over others for this.” "Thank you Sumit. I hope I will get a positive response from you in couple of days." “Yes, I will get back to you on this in 2 days. Till then, enjoy your time in Bangalore.” "Thank you Sumit." ( I had taken the 1st step towards my future. Bangalore will always have a special place in my life and heart but, no other city can take the place of Pune in my heart and life. I was now waiting for the next step ahead of my dream: confirmation from my manager. ) #shortstory #ShortStories #ShortTales #talesbyAnand #Flatno1302


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