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Flat no. 1302 | One Step ahead | Part 2

Few days passed and No response from the manager. I was losing hope day by day to shift to Pune.

It was another day and it was raining heavily in our area. I was waiting for the cab to come and watching the raindrops falling on the edge of the wall. The cab came and as usual I reached the office on time. I went to my workstation and started working in prioritized way.

I was deeply into my work.

“Avnit, can you just come to meeting room ?”

I looked back and was shocked as to why I was called by manager. I was already in depressed mood and the call by Sumit made me more worried. “What did I do wrong?” I was getting nervous as I was approaching the meeting room.

“Come sit Avnit.”

Thank you Sumit.

“So, Avnit , I had word with our director and he has accepted your request on one condition.

“What Sumit?”

“You won’t be getting any travel allowance to get transferred to Pune. You must bear it on your own. Is it ok for you?”

At that point, I paused for few seconds and rethought. But as all say;

“To gain something, we have to lose something.”

Sumit, I am ok with the condition when can I shift ?

Ok. So, you need to join Pune office by 1st November.

Ok Sumit. Just one request to you.

Yes please.

‘Can you give me 3 days leave in between before moving on to Pune as I need to make some necessary arrangements?’

Sure. So, you can leave on 28th after completing your formalities over here.

I know you will build up a great team there.

Thank you Sumit. Sure, I will not let you down.

So, do start your preparations to move.

Yes, now 1st, I must search a place to accommodate.

Being two years in the PG, I didn’t want to go back to PG again. And now the search for the flat accommodation begins….

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