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E1302 | Hunt for the accommodation | P3

After confirmation from the manager, I started looking out for accommodation and contacted few of my friends in Pune for flat sharing accommodation.

Some said that, there was no vacancy at their place, some replied accommodation was available but from January 2019.

On top of that i had my preferences for the flat :

No Smoking/Drinking in flat (preferable non smoking alcoholic roommates), pure vegetarian (No Non-veg cooking at home or eating non-veg at home,if non-vegetarian then they can eat outside) and most of all :-

Helping partners and that cleanliness is maintained in the flat.

One of my friend suggested me to join flat and flatmates group on Facebook.

I joined that group and started surfing through it.  I found some good options. I contacted the ad owners and inquired in details about the ad along with pictures of flat.  Some matched my preference but, the rent was bit costly.

After few days of hunt, I finally found an accommodation of my choice with budget friendly rent. It was within the big township Megapolis, occupying several societies and with good facilities.

This township was located next to the TCS Sahyadri campus in Hinjewadi phase 3.

4 persons including me were going to share flat:

1 in Master bedroom which had an attached balcony and washroom

2 in Semi Master bedroom

1 in normal bedroom with attached washroom.

The flat was fully furnished along with basic amenities required.

I paid my deposit in advance and secured my accommodation.

A big relief was there ! Now the day of bidding adieu to Bangalore was near and hence i started meeting my friends for the last time before i bid the final adieu to Bangalore and my friends....


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