• Anand Nagda

E1302 | A New Beginning Again | Final Part

Soon it was getting dark and the nature was turning to to a more beautiful sight as the light was being lit up in the village far away. It was no less than being at a hill station.

All the flatmates come by the time and after getting freshen up, we had a small gossip and introductory session.

Ankit was my roommate who hailed from Lucknow and Shiv who lived in single bedroom was from Jamshedpur.  Roopan sir who lives alone in master bedroom was from Kolkata and also called chef of our flat. They had their own set of home made spices to make delicious varities of Curries.

This was a boost to my cooking interest to come out in coming days.

As the time went by , every Sunday and Saturday me and Roopan Sir would make delicious meal and day would end with desert prepared by me.

I started to explore my self in kitchen and preparing variety of new dishes for the first time which came out good after preparation.  This was now the daily routine of our flat on weekends. The society has a beautiful swimming pool with clubhouse surrounded by green garden and jogging track.

The swimming pool was no less than being at resort, specially in evening and night. The society I live in made a deeper place in my heart and the hunt of better flatmates, peaceful society and natural surroundings finally came to end.

I have now decided to stay as long as i can, being single and even after getting married,in a separate flat but in same society.  This flat discovered a new so called chef ( who is fond of cooking new dishes and make flatmates to cheat dieting), a new writer and obviously more book addict in me..

"A good place, a good aroma and good mates around you makes your life happening and happy"

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