• Anand Nagda

COVID Tales | The Test day

" Shaurya, Wake up. Its 10'o clock.

Get freshen up and come for tea in the kitchen."

i grab the bed as soon as I came to home after having bath and had slept deeply.

After having tea and Breakfast, We Just made ourselves ready to go to Government Hospital for RT PCR testing.

It was Sunday but still the lab was only open for 40 minutes as usual during week days. We arrived bit early so we don't miss it today and delay to Monday. No one had arrived till then but later, the hall was getting occupied by the people. Registrations were done and we were handed a test tube each with our name written on it. I was watching the people who came their; how they were looking, weaken, worried and restless. Some were coughing while some shivering due to fever.

After an hour later, the lab technician arrived. She took some 10 minutes to prepare for the sample collection. A queue was formed till then. The technician called everyone sequentially as per name written in registration book. I was eager to watch how the swab sample is collected. When the first person seated on the chair, the technician pulled out a bud just like we use to clean our ears which as cotton rolled at the end; But this was a long one in length.

She pushed this bud deep inside the left nose of the person and within 5 secs, she pulled it back and that's all ! She cut that swab sample bud in the test tube and The sample was collected. I was worried about my turn. But must admire the technician about her speed of collection, within 15 minutes she finished collecting samples of more than 20 person.

It was now my turn, I was deep down worried but excited too. You must be wondering why excitement ? Keeping self positive while hoping for negative results is a strange thing, isn't it?

Now we were back to home in await of results, we self isolated ourselves. My mind was dwelling to write something. After the lunch, decided to write something with shattered thoughts :-

"Life has bunch of surprises stored for everyone,

at each moment of life.

It takes unexpected turns at precious moments of life

and leave you surprised !

One moment sea of happiness,

and another moment the sad shore;

This Surprises has some hidden things for us,

Testing our patience and potential,

Preparing us to be strong and ready;

for the upcoming storms.

Dear Life,

You are so unusual on the expectations "


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