• Anand Nagda

COVID Tales | The Fear of Test

Updated: Mar 14

I was in the Mumbai shopping on the streets of Bhuleshwar, searching for the Mukhwas to carry on the upcoming journey.

No change in the crowd of Mumbai but a minor addition was visible on people faces- The Mask. The Mask has now become a mandatory ornament or you can say mandatory dress up piece for face. The use of mask is for covering the mouth and nose and to restrict germs to enter or go out of the mask and spread. Now a days, you will get fashionable mask as per customization and requirement. Mask making is a peak profession now a days. But we should keep in mind, safety comes first and not fashion.

Coming back to Shopping, We actually finished our shopping within two hours of entering into the market and our train was at 8pm from the CSMT station. We had to go back to dadar to collect the wedding Sherwani and come back to station before 8. But we were back by 4 pm when we were in dadar by 1.30 pm. We had now enough time to roam around but keeping in mind the luggage we had, we decided to say at waiting lounge untill its time for train. CSMT station is now well developed and have a private waiting lounge towards the way of plateform 13 and further which allows access to passenger at nominal cost.

You all must be wondering I was referring to "we" from long back. I came with my uncle as he wanted to do some cloth shopping for my wedding. I decided to stay in the lounge while I asked uncle to visit the local market down the bridge of CSMT station.

During the day, I was grossed with cold and cough. I ordered a cup of coffee. I usually prefer i am reading a book or writing something; I was missing the both now.

I was watching Instagram reels when mummy calls me,

" Hello Shaurya.

Yes Mummy, tell me. What happened?

Papa had visited to our family doctor now as he had cough.

ok so what doctor told?

He asked to do COVID test to all 3 of us."

I was shivering when i heard it. My body temperature was dropping and I was feeling cold.

" OK Mummy. You go home and get rest. Do not worry; all will be ok." and i kept the call.

I said all will be ok but, deep down I was fearing; shivering and worried. The whole time I was thinking same.

Few days ago, Mummy was having cough and cold, when we showed to our family doctor, he suggested to go for COVID test. But in fear what all the things the doctor will check; will they take blood or will put something inside nose to collect sample, mummy denied to do it initially. But then when doctor said for Papa, Mummy have to do it forcefully. My Wife has suggested few days before to go and get tested but, I neglected her advice thinking nothing will happen. Our marriage was on few days to go.

It was 7.45 pm and I was still feeling cold and worried. Also, not feeling to have anything. But after talking to my besties, I felt better and convinced my self to have something. I boarded the train and thinking about the test and its results, i did not realized, when i slept.


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