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COVID-19 as a Teacher....

Who knew this 2020 would be a life changing for the whole world. The smile on our face use to spread happiness everywhere openly, which is now hidden somewhere behind the mask.

COVID has made our life miserable. We celebrated Holi without colors, Gokulashtami without Kanhas, Ganesha festival without its Bhakts and in the same way Diwali going to be without crackers and People's gathering.

But Every Destruction comes with some good experiences; and we all know that "Experience is the Best Teacher".

Lets see What the COVID 19 Has Taught us....

The Basic Necessities :

Food, Cloth and Shelter are the basic needs of the Human. But over the time, we have got internet ; the fourth necessity of to life to live. The COVID Pandemic has brought half of the world to work remotely from home, thanks to the continue availability of Internet by multiple means that's keeping the continuity of work and let the technology to progress ahead and ahead.

One surprise fact here is that our most favorite biscuit : Parle-G, is the most sold biscuit in India. It defines the Old is always Gold.

Family time :

Away from the home, those who migrate or shift to another city for the purpose of livelihood have return back to their home to ensure family safety. The Pandemic situation has brought all the family members under the same wall with the imposition of Lock down.

The pandemic has taught us with the work, family time is also a necessity. Having the morning gossips with a cup of tea, having the food together with family members is being relived in this lock down. Bunch of Memories have been rejoiced and moments of happiness has been enjoyed. Ludo and Carrom were and also still the most played game during the family than PUB G.

The Namaste Culture :

From Handshakes to hugs. the COVID pandemic has change the way of greeting each other. Keeping in mind the social distancing factor, Most of the countries in the world is now going back to the old ways of greetings i.e., the "Namaste " an Indian culture; where both the hands are joined to each other respectfully infront of others as an act of bowing or reverence. Also, its an effective way of protecting our own and absorbing another person's energy.

Many of the Indian traditional practices have came into limelight as an effective way of keeping physical, spiritual and mental state healthy. Many countries have also adopted this new way of living between the people.

There are other ways of greeting being followed like "The Wai in Thailand " or "Cup and Clap in Zambia" and many more. ( you can read out here about it)

The Factor of Savings :

This Pandemic has exclusively tested the survival quality of all the human beings; no matter he/she is a poor or a rich, Being Lock down every where, Groceries and essentials shop to be opened under the restricted time with only the limited stocks available as no transportation allowed for items other than essentials.

For the People with limited or no savings, it was a very challenging time to survive this

strict duration of lock down all over India. We al know the viral video of the 85 year old Grand - mother who use to perform martial arts to earn some money; not for her but for the children's awaiting at the home in hope of some food every day.

After the video went viral, many People extend the hand of support towards the grandmother including Celebrities and NGOs.

The Pandemic has taught us to live with the present but also, to save for the future. Not only in terms of money but also in terms of relations as their is a well known saying,

"A Person can be Judged with his response in your toughest time "

Self Care, Self dependency :

It has been a struggling time in the lock down for those who are living alone or no one their to take care of ; specially Senior citizens. Its not only about the monetary factor but health factor, self hygiene.This pandemic made us aware to take up the pandemic to take the self hygiene seriously.

It has been a difficult time for the senior citizens to go out to fill out the basic necessities like medications, groceries and other essentials. For the youngsters living alone in hostels or flats who cannot go to home, being in Netflix, Prime and other OTT plateforms to spend the time of whole day. Major missing was " Mom's food and "Home sickness". This time has been the great one to test the ability of self dependence and self care.

Technology, the boon factor :

As described in the first factor, Internet has emerged as the biggest boon in this pandemic, But this is not only the case technology as form has evolved on many ways to cope up with hurdles coming between Education, Business, Art, and all Daily life as well.

One of the app, Zoom has been the biggest used app during the pandemic. Having schools digitally over video conferencing, Conducting Events, Family Gatherings conferences over the zoom app which is a free application, available for both Computer/laptop and Mobile, easy to operate form anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Social media has evolved as a great plateform for the normal people as a helping media. Using the facebook/whatsapp, Daily needs, Medicines were delivered to Senior citizens, providing food to the people in need, helping them with shelter and many other stuffs.

(source : Youtube)

The above video shows how the social media can be used in a beneficial way.

Self Upgrading :

Most of us have some hobbies or something skill we wish to learn but due to daily routine life, we could not take the time for it. This pandemic lockdown had given us an opportunity to utilize the time for such skills and upgrade ourself. It could be any of technical or non technical upskill.

Social media was flooded with New skills of people, amongst which cooking tops the list. Its just not a hobby take up with; but also a survival mantra, specially when you are on your own.

However, there are multiple teachings other than listed above This COVID 19 has taught us.

The Unlock phase has began and we all have started the new normal way of living. We dont know what the nature and the future will bring us more devasting than this. It's a high time to preach the learnings from this COVID pandemic into effect for the better survival in near future.

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