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{ It was less than 24 hrs to go for a date. VED was making his Dress ready for tomorrow. When he went to search for the formal shoes, he realized that he had left it at home last time when he went on his birthday. He was now in trouble. Not getting what to do; he pings to coffee lover to find up solution. }

" Hello Coffee Lover, What's up? i was just thinking about you. "

"Hi VED. I'm good , what about you? "

"Actually, I forgot my formal shoes at home and now worried what to wear tomorrow. Sorry Shravni."

"Its ok VED. You need not to be sorry please. Wear what you want to."

A Person should be not be judged by what he wears, but how his nature is. "

"Thank you Shravni. By the way, your gulab jamun is ready.

{Shravni was smiling happily and replies}

"Thank you for taking so much efforts."

"Don't say it too early dear. First meet. Btw, there is one more surprise for you." VED increases the excitement level at Shravni's end.

"Whats that? and why are you taking so much efforts for me" Shravni asks VED in a questionable mode.

"Because, i want it to be a perfect date; More precisely, ''A MEMORABLE COFFEE DATE"

{Both share smile emojis to each other and continue chatting about their day how it went. }

{The day had arrived. VED started his journey from Pune towards Bandra. He was going to meet his friend from Bangalore at Title waves bandra who had now shifted to Mumbai for Job as it was still a working day for Shravni Today. Title waves is a book store come event hosting place with a small coffee cafe inside name Di Bella. VED's friend Supriya was a part of panel of discussion of an event organized on account of coming Women's day. And above that it was a book store, a perfect place for VED to spend whole day till he doesn't meets shravni after her office. VED and Shravni had both decided to talk directly once Shravni's office time ends. Till then, She can focus in her office and VED can spend some time with her friend Supriya and definitely books and the Coffee. }

"Hey Supriya, Where are you? I am her at Title Waves, waiting for you. "

"Hi VED, i am on my way, will reach by 2.30 there. what will you do till then?"

"ok cool ! Don't worry, i have my companions here to spend time with?"

"Who are they?"

"You know them very well ! :)"

" If i am not wrong, Coffee and Books !"

"Absolutely correct Supriya. See you soon."

And VED grabs few books to read with a cup of coffee.

"Hello VED ,how are you?" VED gets shocked for a moment to see her standing next to him while he was fully in the book reading. he didn't noticed it was 2.45 PM already.

"Hello Supriya, How are you?" and both greets each other with a friendly hug.

"Good to see you yaar after a long time. How is Mumbai treating you miss Safed Pancchi?" (Its Supriya's Instagram add writing handle on a popular writing app. )

"Good yaar VED. Now well adapted to this Sapno ki Nagari. In starting, had too face some difficulties but over the time, i got used to this routine. What about you? how's the life going on at your end? "

"Fine yaar at my end too. Now a days, busy with office works but other than that, book reading and writing is on a good pace. in fact their is something cooking for the future soon."

{They exchange their old memories. VED attended the panel discussion of which Supriya was a part of followed by meeting with another friend Dipti. The time was ticking to its clock, reminding the date time is approaching.}


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