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I was amazed by Ms. Coffee Lover's answer. She is a straight forward and transparent girl just like i was searching for : Modern girl with traditional values. Every word she spoke and the relative expression on her face was attracting me every moment.

I was seeing a great life partner in her. I was excited to take this bond forward whether it blooms in friendship or a long life relationship.

My eagerness now is increasing with the day decreasing for our Coffee date. Will keep posted you ; My dear Diary.

-- VED..

VED was happy that he is going to be a part of Shravni's life so in any form. He was confused between the dress to choose what to wear for the date. Getting tensed, he pings up to Shravni.

"Hello Ms. Coffee Lover, Wasp?"

"Nothing much VED, just done with dinner."

"Hey Coffee Lover, do you have any dress code in the Bank?"

"Yes, we do have. "

"On Saturday as well?"

"Yes, but why you are asking VED?"

"Then lets keep this date a formal dress code. As u will be directly coming from the Office and will already be in office attire so.

If all goes well and we get to meet second time then it will be casual one. Does it sounds good if you have any different thoughts then please let me know. "

"I am perfectly ok with it VED. Hope everything will be good :)"

{Emojis are exchanged over after over casual gossips.}

Confusion about what to wear was over but still something was waiting ahead for VED.

First date and nothing to take for your date, will not be so good. He was again into dilemma.

VED always loves giving handmade gifts to anyone. He had an awesome idea to impress Shravni. In the excitement, he pings up Shravni.

"Hey Ms. Coffee Lover, Gulab Jamun Khana Pasand karoge? "

"Why not. Use kon Manaa Karega VED? I am sure you might have thought something for this meet" Shravni replies in excitement.

"Cool then, will bring for you on Saturday."

VED blushes up as his idea gets Green Signal from his date but, their was something more for her : A Surprise to reveal on the date.

"Ms. Coffee lover, BTW, this will be my first coffee date."

"Oho. then lets meet as a FRIENDS than DATE. It will be a FRIEND'S COFFEE DATE ."

"Hope i am not boring you MS. Coffee Lover."

No VED. + ve & -ve plays very important role in leading our life.
Its always + & -, which is becomes balanced. Lets find the common things between us.

{ And they continue discussing their common things between each other.}


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