• Anand Nagda


{ VED was very excited about his first ever date; that too a coffee date. He had just seen it happening in films only and couldn't believe he was actually going on a date. His mind was popping up with different ideas to impress her, to make her feel special and most of all; to have a this first sweet date. Planning had began in both's mind.

Meantime, VED gives her a sweet surprise; not a thing, but a cute name :


" So Miss. Coffee Lover, any favorite place of yours where you will like to go in Mumbai?" VED asks her after the Hi-Hellos exchange.

" Nothing such, i will like to explore a new place nearby my office. Btw, when should we meet? Evening or? " Shravni seeks suggestion from VED in a confused look.

Lets check out some places on Zomato and have a look at reviews. What do you say coffee lover? -- VED gives a satisfaction feeling after this idea.

Also, meanwhile i will ask my brother if he knows some good places to visit nearby in Andheri or Malad.

"That sounds a perfect plan. I will checkout some and come back to you with few choices. "

"Cool. So what else?" VED diverts the topic to make the environment lighter amongst them.

{ VED comes up with his query over a cheque payment towards shravni. Being as banker, Shravni clarifies VED's doubt about the cheque mode of payment. Meanwhile, VED travels to Bangalore and Coimbatore to meet his free friends that he made during the yuva event at Goa.}

{VED discusses with shravni about the photography contest and ask her to choose the best and caption with it to put it for the competition. they discuss there day spent well or not.}

"So did you checked out some good cafes?" VED suddenly remembers and asks to Shravni.

"Yes i did. I found one good we can visit : 1 BHK Brew House Kitchen. Its a mix ( Veg/Non-veg) cafe. hope you are ok with it." asks Shravni.

"Yes i am ok with it." VED replies casually.

{ VED was expecting a positive out coming out of this date. He was hesitating to ask the same to Shravni. Finally with guts, he asks out. }

"Shravni, Are you expecting something from this meet? Like a new friendship or a relationship?"

Shravni takes a breath and replies ," To be honest, if we connect well and feel comfortable then we can think over for relationship."

{VED has been in love in past and he knew to much expectation in the starting of relationship or during the relationship hurts badly at a later stage. He wanted to take this date if goes ahead in the next level of relationship to be fair and transparent from both the faces. }

"Friendship gives a lot many things and helps out in a relationship. But if you directly jump into the relationship, friendship will not exist anymore at a later stage when needed. "


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