• Anand Nagda

A COFFEE DATE.. | Part 1

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

{ Vedant and Shravni met through a community whats app group. After the youth event at Goa which Shravni couldn't attend, there communication grew and Vedant with lots of courage asked her for a date; his first ever date !}

         ( Vedant saw the picture of Shravni's parents and replies...) "So aaj kya tha dinner me ?" Vedant asks Shravni who was very hungry.

'Apple Milkshake and Upma.'

( Vedant replies emoticon)

"So kab bula rahi ho mujhe khane pe?"

(Vedant seeks the opportunity to meet her)

"You are always welcome VED @ my food adda", Shravni replies with a sweet smile. " Done. Free on 29th of this month?", and he grabs the arrow to hit at right moment. "Office hai. 5th Saturday hai na. Kyu kya hua?" Shravni shockingly asks him. So how will we meet? he asks her. one min, are you coming to Mumbai?

"Yes." I replied in a surprising tone. "Any work or what? " Shravni asks me. ( she didn't got it hit until when ...) So Miss. Coffee Lover, "Will you like to come with me over a cup of coffee?" Haanji, why not? she replied casually and suddenly gets shocked. One second VED, are you asking me for a date? "No, not just a date, Its a Perfect Coffee date..." (And the arrow strikes at the perfect aim) ?????? (She replies with the emoticons) So Miss Coffee Lover Excited for the date? Vedant asks in a happy tone to her.. Not Just a date, Its a Coffee Date... ( Shravni replies with excitement).....


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