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I was waiting for her at the 1BHK Cafe. She informed me that she will be late by 30 mins due to office work and Mumbai traffic. I had already booked a table for two at the cafe. I was looking around in and out of cafe to pass this waiting time. I ordered a water melon Juice to just let know the employees working their that i am  not sitting just useless without any order.

                        I called up Shravni to inquire where she is now. She responded back that it will take more 20 mins for her to reach due to being stuck in traffic. I passed my waiting time watching MBBS Episode 1 on Youtube. My heart beats were increasing with every second passing by; I have only seen her in the photo and waiting to see her face to face. I was nervous and excited at the same moment.  Suddenly my cellphone rings... }

-- VED

[The entire conversation is from VED's and Shravni's view]

"Hey VED, where are you? I am standing outside the cafe.

" I am sitting inside the cafe Shravni." , by the time VED had drank the juice he ordered.

(She was here ! Dressed up in a blue floral one piece matched up with blue denim jacket, she was looking fab, my god ! My eyes was stunned looking at her for few seconds. I loved her straighten hairs highlighted with golden brown color. I just moved my eyes and welcomed her with a sweet smile and the same way she  did. I am sure she must have noticed me staring at her ! )

Like a decent guy, i pulled up the chair for her to seat in order to make a good impression at the first moment; after all it is said "First Impression is the last impression."

She thanked me. The first few minutes went in silence and smiling at each other. 

"So Ms. Coffee lover, finally we are here together." and i broke the silence  between us.

"Yeah, Finally. "

"Lets order something you must be hungry. "

We ordered a Capsicum Corn Pizza with a single coffee.

"One coffee only? why?" She asks me.

"I had a watermelon juice while waiting for you."

"Ok Ok."

{It was true i had a watermelon juice while waiting for her but it was also true that  i wanted to have a coffee. Besides, my intention behind ordering a single cup of coffee was to share it between us and make it a memorable coffee date. We shared our order to waiter and continued our talk}

"So MS. Coffee Lover, how was your day?"

It was bit hectic today. But managed somehow."

"BTW, how you are looking so fresh after a hectic day in bank? Is this your uniform or Saturday is casual day Shravni?"

"No actually, we have to wear uniform on Saturday as well. i went to home and changed up."

"Oh, I see. that's why you are looking refreshed. "


"Ms. Coffee lover, here are your gulab jamun."

"VED, what is this?so much? keep something for you from this." She was surprised to see the big box of gulab jamun.

"Na re, I make it frequently. This all are for you and also do share with family" I teased her giving a naughty look.

"Ha Ha Ha ! Very funny. But seriously thank you so much VED. Where is my another surprise?"

"That you will get it at the time we leave."

"OK VED. By the way, i too have a surprise for you."

{She pulls out a gift bag from the down and hands it over. VED did not expected it and was surprised to see it}

"Thank you for this lovely gift Ms. Coffee lover."

"My pleasure VED."

{They smiles at each. Meanwhile, their order is served and they began eating it. VED was constantly looking at Shravni and the same way at Shravni asked VED for the coffee but VED refused and led shravni to drink the whole coffee as he was enjoying to watch her while drinkingin. They discussed their favorite things while having the food. It was 11'o clock and they didn't noticed the time. Finally, it was time to say goodbye. }

"Lets go Shravni. its already 11."

"Yeah. you also need to go back to Pune right VED?"

"Yes, btw; here is your second gift."

"Oh thank you so much VED. so sweet of you."

"It was a good time we had Shravni."

"Not Shravni, Ms. Coffee lover; I like that name. And not a great time but a great coffee date."

"Thanks. Indeed it was a great date.Lets go Coffee Lover."

"Let me drop you enroute VED, you will get a bus from there to Pune. "

{They booked an OLA auto and started back journey towards their respective home. In between the auto, Shravni open the 2nd gift that VED gave him.}

"That's a very nice book : Before the Coffee gets cold. Thank you VED, I loved it."

" Can i ask you something Coffee lover, if you don't mind?" I took the chance.

"Sure VED, please go ahead."

"Can we expect a second coffee date to take a relationship ahead?"

"Let me think about it VED, i need some time. But one thing i can assure you"

"What's that ms. Coffee lover?"

"I don't know whether we can take this relationship ahead or not but yes i can assure you one thing, Our friendship will remain forever and i meant that. "

IT was a great coffee date indeed. i never thought that my first date would be so good and friendly. She was nice in talk and made me feel comfortable, we had laughs, gossips over politics and multiple topics which are in trend. we exchanged our favorite food, colors and many other things. She liked my Gift and the Gulab jamun i made.

She didn't responded yet about having a second coffee date. But she started keeping the promise of friendship and following it. Even if she denies to transform our friendship into the relationship, i am happy to be her friend.

"Because, even it needs a luck and your good deeds to have a good friend and a good Friendship."

-- VED


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